Enforcing a Contract in Latin America? Good Luck with That.

I got a call recently from a local manufacturer looking to sue a supplier in a Latin American country for breach of contract. Given Miami’s proximity to the region, I see these types of cases a lot. The first thing I’ll do is take a look at the case to confirm that jurisdiction would be proper in the U.S. And most of the time it is. However, when the jurisdictional … [Read more...]

International Litigation Costs: A Comparative Study.

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As readers of this blog know, I’m a big advocate for the arbitration of international disputes. However, the fact remains that a great deal of cross-border disputes result in costly international litigation. I see that a lot here in Miami, where our firm’s international practice based.  There are literally hundreds of  lawsuits filed here that could have easily been resolved … [Read more...]

Can the Location of a Computer Server Be enough to Confer Jurisdiction over International Defendants? Yes. Maybe.

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In any international dispute our firm takes on, the first level of analysis will almost always center on the location of the parties and where the dispute arose. If there is no jurisdictional basis for a lawsuit in the U.S., then-- if you’re on the plaintiff side-- the case is referred out to our network of international lawyers. If we’re defending you, then there’s a good … [Read more...]

How Russian Investors Can Reclaim their Investments in Cyprus.

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UPDATE:  The Cyprus parliament unanimously rejected the proposed European bailout, raising the possibility of a messy default. *** The firestorm over the Eurozone bailout of Cyprus, a small Mediterranean metropolis, continues to rock financial markets. Under the terms of the bailout deal, everyone with a bank account on the island has to pay a one-time tax on their deposits … [Read more...]

Sovereign Debt Litigation on the Rise.

On Wednesday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit will hear argument in a sovereign debt lawsuit that could have a major impact on world debt markets. The case centers on a group of investors who sued Argentina seeking payment for $1.3 billion relating to bonds that the country defaulted on in 2001. While the court has already sided with investors on … [Read more...]