U.S. Nonresident Aliens– Here's Your Quick Tax Summary.

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With the amount of international business transactions originating or otherwise taking place in the U.S.,  it's no surprise that the U.S. hosts a great number of nonresident aliens who have a financial stake in these business transactions. Of course, that means that taxes will be owed. It can all get complicated if you're unfamiliar with the filing requirements. I mention … [Read more...]

China Surpasses U.S. in World Trade.

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China is now number one in world trade, according to Bloomberg. In taking over the top slot from the U.S., China threatens to disrupt regional trading blocs across the globe,  where the U.S. has been the dominant player. The Bloomberg report noted that, while U.S. exports and imports of goods last year totaled $3.82 trillion, China’s  2012  tally came in at $3.87 trillion, … [Read more...]

International Arbitration Tribunal Urges Ecuador to Stop Enforcement Action.

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Several weeks ago I wrote about Ecuador's efforts to enforce its $18 billion judgment against Chevron in the decades-old litigation over contamination of Amazon river basin. In the latest development, an international arbitration tribunal at the Hague's Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled that Ecuador violated the panel's previous order to stop enforcement of a contested $19 … [Read more...]

Foreign Exemptions Should Apply in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

I represent an individual, Client X from Country Y. In Country Y, Person X enjoys both a homestead and pension exemption under that country's bankruptcy laws. However, when Person Y, who is both a U.S. citizen and  citizen of Country X, files for bankruptcy in the U.S., the foreign bankruptcy exemptions will be held not to apply. I think this is wrong for reasons I'll … [Read more...]