The U.S. L1 Visa is the Best Choice for International Business Executives.

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 I received a call last week from a gentlemen with an established business in Country X who sought my advise for obtaining an L1 intracompany visa to work in the U.S. It was clear from my conversation with him that he already knew how the L1 Visa could benefit his international business. In today’s fast-paced, global economy there is no better vehicle for allowing companies to … [Read more...]

Key Principles for International Law Firms to Follow.

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The American Lawyer just did a great piece on how the most successful international law firms operate. The article, The 7 Key Steps International Law Firms Should Take in 2013 to Ensure Themselves a Bright Future, lists a number of principles that a modern international firm should follow for success in the age of globalization. While the article is directed at firms with … [Read more...]

It's Never too Early to Get Started on Your H-1B 2014 Visa Application.

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Because our office is headquartered in Miami, which has one of the country's largest concentration of foreign workers, we start to get a lot of calls this time of year from folks wanting to get an H1B visa. The timing of these calls is no coincidence. Every year on April 1 the U.S. government starts accepting petitions for the available 65,000 regular cap H1B visas and 20,000 … [Read more...]