Rum, Risk and Ruin: 13 Reasons Why You Still Shouldn’t Do Business in Cuba.

 The removal of Cuba from the U.S. state sponsors of terrorism list this week sparked a groundswell of excitement among U.S. entrepreneurs, lawyers, and investors looking to profit from the “enormous opportunities” on the island. As part of the Florida Bar’s first-ever delegation to Havana, Cuba last week, I got the chance to see these “opportunities” for myself. Indeed, … [Read more...]

Political Risk Insurance: Why Your International Business Must Have It.

political risk insurance international business

A special interview with Global Security Consultant and Political Risk Expert, Paul Crespo This is the first in a series of posts dealing with global security and risk management. While companies doing business internationally generally protect themselves against numerous risks, political risk is often ignored or accepted as fate. While there are many ways to manage and … [Read more...]

Yes, Your Foreign Company Can File for U.S. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection.

foreign company, chapter 11 bankruptcy, bankruptcy court, international business, international attorney, international business lawyer

Several months ago, I handled a matter on behalf of a foreign company that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection here in the U.S. When I explained the general details of this case to a seasoned bankruptcy attorney, whom I had run into at legal seminar, I was surprised that he didn't think it was possible for a foreign company to do so. I went on to tell them that not … [Read more...]

What Psychology Can Teach You About Global Outsourcing.

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Just yesterday I received a call from a businessman looking to outsource a good part of his company’s assembly operation to another country. While I would prefer that the company keep its operations division close to home, I understand the realities of today’s global market. In a world where a company’s success hinges on the slimmest of margins, every penny that a business … [Read more...]

International Arbitration in Miami is on the Rise. Here's Why.

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Whenever someone learns that our  law firm (based in Miami) is currently handling a major international arbitration matter against the Kyrgyz Republic at the Hague,  they almost always ask "why is a complex case like that being handled in Miami?" The answer is straightforward. Over the last decade Miami has become one of the primary players on the international arbitration … [Read more...]