Brazil Joins the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). It's About Time.

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It's almost everyday now that I get an email or phone call from a Brazilian investor looking to do business in the U.S. (usually in Miami) or a U.S. investor looking to do business in Brazil. It's not exactly a surprise given the  enormous trade numbers the two countries are putting up---$100 Billion in 2011 alone. Presently, the rules for entering into an international sales … [Read more...]

How Russian Investors Can Reclaim their Investments in Cyprus.

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UPDATE:  The Cyprus parliament unanimously rejected the proposed European bailout, raising the possibility of a messy default. *** The firestorm over the Eurozone bailout of Cyprus, a small Mediterranean metropolis, continues to rock financial markets. Under the terms of the bailout deal, everyone with a bank account on the island has to pay a one-time tax on their deposits … [Read more...]

5 Key Points Every Chinese Investor in the U.S. Must Know.

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In the past year or so I've been working with a Chinese industrial manufacturing company looking to tap into the U.S. market. In just a few years, the company has wildly exceeded its expectations. The company’s success can be attributed to zealous commitment to learning. By this, I mean that the company understood that it had to abandon deeply entrenched legal and cultural … [Read more...]

Enterprise Florida's International Trade Leads Program: A Great Place to Discover International Business Opportunities.

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With the Dow reaching an all-time high today, Americans are feeling a lot better about the state of the economy—more so than they have in nearly a decade. This coincides with a recent Gallup poll that found Americans are also feeling better about international trade. According to the excellent International Economic Law and Policy blog, the latest trend can be attributed to … [Read more...]

Switzerland Passes Tough Executive Pay Rules.

With all the talk about executive pay here at home, it’s interesting to note that Switzerland just passed a set of tough executive pay rules. The new rules allow shareholders at Swiss-listed companies a binding vote each year on the total compensation of boards of directors and senior management, as well as a total ban on "golden parachutes" and executives being paid … [Read more...]