The Top Ten Brexit Articles to Read Now

Top Brexit articles, Best Brexit articlesOver the past several weeks, our law firm has seen a big increase in the number of Brexit-related phone calls and emails.

Naturally, business people from all over the world are concerned about Brexit and want to know how it’s going to affect their international business operations.

The inquires range from the simple (what IS Brexit?) to the more complex (will UK insurance companies need to relocate or open new branches inside the EU to underwrite business in EU member states?).

Given the complex nature of Brexit, even the most basic questions merit careful explanation and analysis.

After all, we’re in uncharted territory here.

As the New York Times’ Amanda Taub wisely points out in her article below, “[Brexit] is such a major economic event, and the details of how it will play out are so uncertain, that no one can predict the consequences with much certainty.”

While no one has all the answers, there are a lot of great minds at work sharing their thoughts and ideas on how best to understand and prepare for the Brexit transition.

To help you (and me) get a better grip on things, I’ve compiled a “top ten” list of valuable resources I think do an excellent job explaining both the simple and complex.

I’m sure that there are other great resources that I may have missed.  Please be sure to include them in your comments below.


10. A Guide to Catching Up on ‘Brexit’ and Reading the Tea Leaves

The New York Times’ Amanda Taub does a wonderful job of rounding up a variety of resources to keep up with all the Brexit happenings.

9.  The Americans’ guide to understanding Brexit: your questions answered

Paul Owen over at the Guardian gets right into things in addressing how Brexit will affect the U.S. He also takes on some intriguing questions we might not have considered such as “What does the Queen think of all this – and could she stop Brexit?”

8.  The (American) Idiot’s Guide to Brexit

Eric Levit of New York Magazine offers some, er, levity to the conversation. He begins by reassuring readers that “Brexit” is not the name of a new breakfast cereal and then runs through a series of “Brexit for Dummies” questions.  Levit ends his piece on some positive points, noting that “Brexit would likely make your mortgage more affordable, and the idea of spending your next vacation in Britain more appealing.”

7.  Brexit And US: How British EU Exit Would Affect Americans

In this article, Elizabeth Whitman of the International Business Times explains how Brexit will be reflected in slumping revenues, and rising tariffs for some products.

6.  What is Brexit? The complete guide to Britain’s E.U. drama for confused non-Europeans.

Adam Taylor of the Washington Post offers a thoughtful overview of what to expect from Britain’s exit from the E.U.

5.  A background guide to “Brexit” from the European Union

The Data Team over at the Economist put together a unique visual resource with compelling graphics and charts to highlight the most notable Brexit stats. This visual explainer is not to be missed.

4.  A CEO’s Guide to Navigating Brexit

Martin Reeves and Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak of the Harvard Business Review take a look at how CEOs might approach the complex questions posed by Brexit, e.g. “What structural changes to the business environment are triggered by Brexit, and how do we adapt to them? And What are the first-response imperatives for corporate leaders?”

3.  What will change with a Brexit from the EU? Legal experts respond

The Financial Times’ Lilah Raptopoulos and Sarah Gordon ask readers to share their insight on the legal challenges posed by Brexit.

2.  Legal Implications of Brexit Are Vast and Uncertain

Jacob Gershman of the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog highlights the massive legal challenges presented by the pro-Brexit vote while noting that changes in the law will “depend a lot on arrangements worked out between U.K. and EU.”

1.  The Legal Consequences of Brexit

Over at the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation, Simon Witty of Davis Polk & Wardwell, provides an excellent overview of how Brexit will impact the international legal landscape including mergers and acquisitions and contractual disputes and enforcement.

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