How to Terminate Your International Employees: An Overview.

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Several weeks ago I received a call from the legal department of a U.S. company with operations in Asia. The company was looking to downsize its operations in the region and was unsure of its obligations in terminating this group of employees. The caller was right to be concerned. While terminating an individual employee here in the U.S. can be fraught with legal issues, it … [Read more...]

Hey U.S. Corporations–Don't Neglect Your Foreign Subsidiaries!

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I recently received an email from a board member of a corporation concerned that one of the company’s foreign subsidiaries was having compliance issues. I immediately interrupted and asked if there were any local bodies on the ground at the company’s foreign subsidiary. I wasn't exactly surprised to learn that there were not. In fact, no one from the U.S. office had visited … [Read more...]

International Lawyers Get Green Light to Serve as In-House Counsel in the U.S.

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It’s about time the American Bar Association recognized that the globalization of law is a “trend” that’s here to stay. I say this because the ABA House of Delegates just passed a resolution that would allow foreign attorneys to work in the U.S. as in-house counsel. The fact is that seven states already allow international attorneys to work as in-house lawyers in the U.S. … [Read more...]

Thinking of Terminating Your International Employee? Not So Fast.

U.S. companies have a quick-trigger habit of terminating a foreign-based employee(s) without first taking a look at the termination laws of the host country. Details such as pre-termination notice, severance pay and termination procedures are often overlooked. This could spell serious trouble for the U.S. company down the road. That’s why it’s critical for U.S. multinational … [Read more...]

Have a Legal Dispute in Asia? Singapore is the Place to Resolve it.

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I'm a big advocate for doing business in Singapore. Year after year, it's ranked as the easiest country in the world to start a business. Singapore is also the third richest country in the world, ranking behind only Qatar and Luxembourg. A big part of Singapore’s success is rooted in its modern legal system. The legal system in Singapore has received global recognition for … [Read more...]