Start-up Locally, Expand Globally: Why Your Startup Should Always be an International Business.

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I represent several start-up businesses here in Miami. From the get-go these companies have wisely targeted international markets. At least for me, going international is a no-brainer. After all, there’s no better way for a start-up to dramatically accelerate growth. For example, one company I work with has already branched out to Brazil and China. The company barely … [Read more...]

Singapore Ranks as Best Country for Growing a Business. U.S. Ranks 10th.

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Grant Thornton management consulting recently released its Global Dynamism Index. The popular index ranks countries based on 22 indicators. At the top of the list is Singapore. The United States came in as the 10th best country in the world for  growing a business. While  United States ranked ahead of France, China and Japan it fell behind South Korea, Germany and Israel, … [Read more...]

International Litigation: Why Apple Will Lose this Lawsuit in Belgium.

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Engaging in international business is thrilling. However, one must always be mindful that the contractual provisions governing a business transaction will many times conflict with the laws of another country. Just several days ago I posted an article cautioning international e-commerce companies that a forum selection clause in a consumer contract will not be recognized in the … [Read more...]

2013 is Going to be a Huge Year for U.S. Trade Policy. Here's Why.

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Back in November it was widely speculated that Obama’s second term would be punctuated by an aggressive pursuit of free trade initiatives. In recent weeks, it’s become clear that free trade will indeed take center stage in Obama's second term. I mention this because I just read an excellent piece over at the Council for Foreign Relations website, Opportunity Knocks for Obama … [Read more...]

Key Principles for International Law Firms to Follow.

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The American Lawyer just did a great piece on how the most successful international law firms operate. The article, The 7 Key Steps International Law Firms Should Take in 2013 to Ensure Themselves a Bright Future, lists a number of principles that a modern international firm should follow for success in the age of globalization. While the article is directed at firms with … [Read more...]