Boeing's Dreamliner is a Dream for International Litigators.

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There's been a lot of press the past few days over the worldwide grounding of Boeing's Dreamliner aircraft due to faulty batteries. As reported in the Wall Street Journal article, All Boeing Dreamliners Are Grounded World-Wide, the grounding of the Dreamliner marks the first time in four decades that U.S. airlines were forced to ground an airliner. U.S. airlines were joined … [Read more...]

The U.S. L1 Visa is the Best Choice for International Business Executives.

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 I received a call last week from a gentlemen with an established business in Country X who sought my advise for obtaining an L1 intracompany visa to work in the U.S. It was clear from my conversation with him that he already knew how the L1 Visa could benefit his international business. In today’s fast-paced, global economy there is no better vehicle for allowing companies to … [Read more...]

Success in China is Built on Relationships. Just Ask General Motors.

A few weeks ago, I received a call from a prospective client, Mr. X,  looking to expand his business and enter the China market. He wanted to know how best to go about forming this new venture. It was obvious he had done his research. Mr. X discussed whether it was best to form a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE), Representative Office (RO), Joint Venture (JV) or other … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Limits "Stream of Commerce" Jurisdiction Against Foreign Manufacturers.

Given the globalization of the world economy in the past several decades, there was a huge upswing in the number of products liability lawsuits filed in the U.S. against foreign manufacturers. These foreign defendants were generally subjected to the jurisdiction of U.S. courts under the “stream of commerce” theory articulated in the seminal case Asahi Metal industry. This … [Read more...]

Registering Your Patent in International Markets. Not Always Easy.

Earlier this week I received a call from a prospective client looking to register his intellectual property in several international markets. His call was prompted by a post I wrote several months ago, How Do I Register My Patent, Trademark or Copyright in a Foreign Country? In the post, I presented a general overview of registering your intellectual property overseas. While … [Read more...]