So Much for Expediency. International Arbitration Cases Can Take a Long Time, Too.

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In the past two decades, international arbitration has become the dispute resolution mechanism of choice for resolving international commercial matters. One of the characteristics that made international arbitration so attractive was its expediency in getting matters resolved. This saved companies a great deal of money because they were not tied up in litigation for what … [Read more...]

How International Litigators Can Change the World. A Case Study.

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One of the things I love most about being an international litigator is the opportunity to challenge the status quo and have a positive impact at the global level. Whether it’s representing victims against human rights abuse in the Middle East, bringing justice to swindled French investors, or helping to track down North African warlords, the work can be extremely … [Read more...]

Have a Legal Dispute in Asia? Singapore is the Place to Resolve it.

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I'm a big advocate for doing business in Singapore. Year after year, it's ranked as the easiest country in the world to start a business. Singapore is also the third richest country in the world, ranking behind only Qatar and Luxembourg. A big part of Singapore’s success is rooted in its modern legal system. The legal system in Singapore has received global recognition for … [Read more...]

Yes, that International Forum Selection Clause is Enforceable. Probably.

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In international litigation, the issue that's always raised when dealing with the enforceability of an international contract is whether the agreement's forum selection clause is enforceable. And usually the answer is yes, the forum selection clause will be enforceable. Probably. I say probably because there are a set of discrete factors that a court will look at in deciding … [Read more...]

International Litigation: Why Apple Will Lose this Lawsuit in Belgium.

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Engaging in international business is thrilling. However, one must always be mindful that the contractual provisions governing a business transaction will many times conflict with the laws of another country. Just several days ago I posted an article cautioning international e-commerce companies that a forum selection clause in a consumer contract will not be recognized in the … [Read more...]