How to Make America More Competitive. First, Abolish the H1-B Visa Quota.

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As an international attorney based in Miami, I field lots of questions from both foreign and domestic companies looking to hire foreign workers for skilled positions available in our region. And that’s hardly a surprise-- there are hundreds of foreign based multinational companies operating in our region including Embraer, Telefonica, Bacardi and Komatsu. The primary … [Read more...]

Tweet Locally, Get Sued Globally. Twitter and International Jurisdiction.

International Attorney

As the past several years have borne out, the power for Twitter to transform international events is astonishing, as Forbe’s Jeff Bercovivi recently reminded us: "In 2009, Twitter inspired protesters in Moldova to demand political power. In 2010, the microblogging service channeled food, medical supplies and hope to the desperate victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Last year, … [Read more...]

Just a Click Away–The Largest Online Collection of International Business Laws & Regulations.

  It can be frustrating for entrepreneurs, business people and investors to find laws all over the word. Fortunately, the World Bank’s Doing Business division provides free access to the world’s largest online collection of business laws and regulations. Simply select the countries and laws you are interested in and you’re all set! While the collection is updated … [Read more...]

We Have an App for That: the International Business Law Advisor App for the iPhone

We are thrilled with the level of interest that our iPhone App has received. If you are an iPhone user and have not downloaded it yet, be sure to visit the iTunes App Store. Simply enter the text “International Business Law Advisor” and you’re all set! The App is yet another way we can add exceptional value to our readers utilizing cutting edge technology. In … [Read more...]

2010's Best Business Books on China. Good Stuff.

As the year draws to a close, I’m seeing lots of “Best of” lists appear all over the place.  I’m a big fan of these lists. They are an excellent way to take a look back at the year and focus on all the positive things the year has generated.   I mention this because Sheriden Prasso of Strategy + Business, recently did a great post (free reg.) … [Read more...]