Are Worldwide Freezing Orders Really Enforceable Worldwide?

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I recently did an interview with Russia’s top news agency, RIA Novosti on Worldwide Freezing Orders (WFO). The interview was conducted by RIA correspondent Carl Shecker. The interview was for the article In Global Tussle, Russia and Émigré US Socialite Battle for Fortune.  As Carl puts it, the story centers on “a byzantine Russian corruption scandal intertwined with the opaque … [Read more...]

Political Risk Insurance: Why Your International Business Must Have It.

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A special interview with Global Security Consultant and Political Risk Expert, Paul Crespo This is the first in a series of posts dealing with global security and risk management. While companies doing business internationally generally protect themselves against numerous risks, political risk is often ignored or accepted as fate. While there are many ways to manage and … [Read more...]

Are You a Clueless In-House Counsel When it Comes to International Litigation?

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Earlier this week I had a discussion with the general counsel of a mid-size company. He was going on and on about how his in-house attorneys secured a huge U.S. court judgment against a foreign company. I simply smiled and thought to myself, this person does not have a clue about the rough road ahead. You see, securing a U.S. court judgment against a foreign company is … [Read more...]

International Money Laundering. How to Make Sure Your International Business Stays Clean (Infographic)

international money laundering, anti money laundering compliance, how to avoid money laundering, international anti money laundering compliance

 Our firm is currently assisting in the prosecution of an international white collar crime matter.   The allegations read like a James Bond novel and are so outlandish that film rights are being discussed. Like I said, this is interesting stuff. The thrust of the case centers on an international financial  institution  that uncovered a would-be depositor's scheme to launder … [Read more...]

Yes, You Must Disclose All International Property Holdings When Filing for Bankruptcy in the U.S.

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I recently came across a situation where someone unwisely sought the advice of one of those late night television bankruptcy attorneys offering the deal of the century. You know the one. Well, unfortunately certain foreign property holdings were not disclosed and the court came very close to denying the debtor’s bankruptcy petition. In a very similar case, the court held the … [Read more...]