International Licensing: An Alternative to Forming a Foreign Corporation.

I received some feed back in reference to yesterday's post, The 5 Key Factors You Must Consider When Establishing a Foreign Corporation. It seems I left some readers with the impression that forming a foreign corporation was not worth the risk given all the legal issues that must be addressed. While I did not intend to scare anybody who is considering establishing a foreign … [Read more...]

How to Draft an International Manufacturing Contract.

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The other day I got a call from a company requesting my assistance in structuring an international manufacturing agreement. While the majority of my cases are centered on international litigation or arbitration, I get a big thrill out of structuring international business contracts. Doing international transactional work allows me to get an inside look at the business side of … [Read more...]

Key Principles for International Law Firms to Follow.

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The American Lawyer just did a great piece on how the most successful international law firms operate. The article, The 7 Key Steps International Law Firms Should Take in 2013 to Ensure Themselves a Bright Future, lists a number of principles that a modern international firm should follow for success in the age of globalization. While the article is directed at firms with … [Read more...]

Get the International Business Law Advisor App.

Several years ago, we introduced the International Law Advisor App for the iPhone. We are thrilled with the enormous amount of interest it has generated. The International Business Law Advisor App is available as a free download here through the iTunes App Store. Simply enter the text “International Business Law Advisor” and you’re all set! Let us know what you think and … [Read more...]

3 Compelling Reasons to Read the International Law Quarterly.

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The 2012 issue of the Florida Bar international Law Section’s International Law Quarterly was released today. For nearly three decades, the International Law Quarterly has been recognized as one of the world’s leading journals covering all areas of international law. The current issue, edited by Hogan Lovells partner Alvin Lindsay, builds on this legacy with an extraordinary … [Read more...]