5 Tips for In-house Counsel When Acquiring a U.S. Multinational Company.

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Acquiring a purely domestic U.S. company is relatively straightforward. Things get complicated when the target is a U.S. multinational company. One of the deals we’re working on in my office concerns just that. I was speaking to in-house counsel about the transaction and thought it would make for a great post someday. Then I came across an excellent article by Robert J. … [Read more...]

Political Risk Insurance: Why Your International Business Must Have It.

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A special interview with Global Security Consultant and Political Risk Expert, Paul Crespo This is the first in a series of posts dealing with global security and risk management. While companies doing business internationally generally protect themselves against numerous risks, political risk is often ignored or accepted as fate. While there are many ways to manage and … [Read more...]

How to Draft a Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) for Your International Business Venture.

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With all the international business ventures our firm is handling, it’s no surprise that we are frequently asked to draft a Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclsoure Agreement (NCNDA). An NCNDA is used when a business needs to keep intellectual property and other confidential information secure in the early stages of a business venture arranged by brokers or intermediaries. The … [Read more...]

Yes, You Must Disclose All International Property Holdings When Filing for Bankruptcy in the U.S.

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I recently came across a situation where someone unwisely sought the advice of one of those late night television bankruptcy attorneys offering the deal of the century. You know the one. Well, unfortunately certain foreign property holdings were not disclosed and the court came very close to denying the debtor’s bankruptcy petition. In a very similar case, the court held the … [Read more...]

Yes, Your Foreign Company Can File for U.S. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection.

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Several months ago, I handled a matter on behalf of a foreign company that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection here in the U.S. When I explained the general details of this case to a seasoned bankruptcy attorney, whom I had run into at legal seminar, I was surprised that he didn't think it was possible for a foreign company to do so. I went on to tell them that not … [Read more...]