Enterprise Florida's International Trade Leads Program: A Great Place to Discover International Business Opportunities.

Florida international trade, Florida international trade attorneyWith the Dow reaching an all-time high today, Americans are feeling a lot better about the state of the economy—more so than they have in nearly a decade.

This coincides with a recent Gallup poll that found Americans are also feeling better about international trade.

According to the excellent International Economic Law and Policy blog, the latest trend can be attributed to the much talked about U.S. – E.U. free trade agreement that’s currently in the works.

After all, trade with the E.U. is less frightening than trade with China.

That’s one theory, at least.

Here in Florida, international trade is a concept familiar to most businesses.

That’s because Florida is a key international trade hub.

Florida companies act as key suppliers to buyers in dozens of countries worldwide, shipping goods made locally in Florida (“Florida-origin exports”), elsewhere in the United States, or in another country.

Florida is also an excellent gateway for non-U.S. companies selling their goods to the vast United States market.

I mention all this because there are a great variety of resources that businesses here in Florida can utilize to maximize their international business outreach.

One such resource is the Enterprise Florida International Trade Leads program.

Florida manufacturers, distributors, exporters, and professional services providers can connect with companies from around the world through the international Trade Leads program.

Every month Enterprise Florida identifies and qualifies foreign companies interested in sourcing goods and services, creating export opportunities for Florida companies.

For any business looking to maximize international business opportunities, the Enterprise Florida International Trade Leads program is a great place to start.

With the stock market reaching record highs and international trade near the top of the Obama administration’s economic agenda now is the perfect time tap international markets.

And for international investors looking to invest in Florida,  Florida’s EB-5 Regional Centers offer foreigners the opportunity to obtain their permanent U.S. residency while investing in Florida through the EB-5 Investor Visa program.

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