7 International Business Links Worth Reading.

International business law, international business law news, international business attorneyThe following are links to a handful of articles  from the past week that I think you’ll enjoy reading:

Irish Newspapers Want To Pass A Law That Would Mean Anyone Who Links To Their Articles Would Have To Pay.

This new story has been all over the internet because of  a ridiculous initiative planned by  the National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI) – as well as dozens of other regional newspapers. These publishers argue that they plan to charge hefty fees for links to their newspaper websites.

Just for fun, here’s a link to one of the newspapers.

How Encouraging Entrepreneurs Helped Turn Colombia’s Economy Around

Colombia’s miraculous transformation in the past decade from drug lord haven to one of the world’s great emerging economies is something to behold. Colombia is now a place where businesses, both international and domestic, see positive prospects.

Read this article to learn more about Colombia’s incredible business climate.

Outsourcing IT To China. Fear Not?

Another great post by Dan Harris, this one examining the perception that China is slower to attract IT outsourcing business than India.

Investors Who Think Venezuela’s Economy Will Open Up After Chavez Have Another Thing Coming

Following reports that Chavez is close to death, this article provides a great overview of what some experts see in Venezuela’s immediate future

 The Oldest Swiss Bank Is Now At The Mercy Of Wall Street’s Most Feared Judge

Switzerland and banking just don’t seem to mix as well these days.  This is yet another story arising out of the global crack down on tax cheats. Switzerland’s oldest bank, Wegelin & Co., founded in 1741, will be permanently shut down  after admitting to helping wealthy Americans commit illegal tax evasion.

Let’s hope this trend comes to an end soon.

China cracks down on global LCD cartel

Beijing has joined U.A. and European regulators in a crackdown on some of the world’s biggest liquid crystal display panel makers. So what’s changed? This article tells the story.

Replacing the LIBOR with a Transparent and Reliable Index

The Harvard Law School Forum explores an interesting idea of replacing the LIBOR with a committed quote system or “CLIBOR.”  Proponents of the proposed index argue that it would restore credibility to the process for setting an interbank borrowing rate, and reduce the incentives and opportunities for manipulation.

For you dire hard LIBOR fans, the full LIBOR reform papers can be downloaded  here and here.

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