Enforcing a Contract in Latin America? Good Luck with That.

I got a call recently from a local manufacturer looking to sue a supplier in a Latin American country for breach of contract. Given Miami’s proximity to the region, I see these types of cases a lot. The first thing I’ll do is take a look at the case to confirm that jurisdiction would be proper in the U.S. And most of the time it is. However, when the jurisdictional … [Read more...]

Codes, Locks and Keys: 35 Industrial Espionage Countermeasures that Will Save Your International Business.

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Last week Apple released the Apple iPhone 5s.  The most innovative feature of the new phone was the device's fingerprint scanner, which was widely heralded as being the world's first "hack proof" access point. It took only a few days, however, for a German hacking group to bypass the phone's latest security feature and gain access to the device. The incident is the latest … [Read more...]

Spies, Lies and Secrets: 37 Industrial Espionage Tactics that Threaten to Kill Your International Business.

industrial espionage, corpoarte spy, international business, international business

Earlier this week I wrote about industrial espionage and how it is the fastest and least expensive way for our foreign competitors to bridge the innovation gap with the U.S. Using cutting-edge technology and age-old techniques of deceit and manipulation, corporate spies are the greatest post-cold war threat to international business. Today’s international conflicts are not … [Read more...]

U.S. Companies More Likely Than Russians to Engage in Industrial Espionage? LOL

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Spying continues to dominate the news.  Just today Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff cancelled a trip to meet with President Obama over revelations that the U.S. actively spied on Brazil. Up until recently, the prevailing view was that companies located in China and Russia had the most active industrial espionage programs. That’s all changed after the Snowden … [Read more...]

5 Tips for In-house Counsel When Acquiring a U.S. Multinational Company.

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Acquiring a purely domestic U.S. company is relatively straightforward. Things get complicated when the target is a U.S. multinational company. One of the deals we’re working on in my office concerns just that. I was speaking to in-house counsel about the transaction and thought it would make for a great post someday. Then I came across an excellent article by Robert J. … [Read more...]